jueves, 14 de febrero de 2008

I can't, I just can't

Thank you to those who commented the previous entry.
Now, this one is different because I'm feeling different. Let me tell you about it.
I had a great idea some months ago. An idea that meant doing something I really like. Not that I don't like my present job, but I've been doing basically the same thing for about ten years and I thought that was everything my profession could offer me in the career ladder.
Suddenly, I get this wonderful idea and I start working on it right away. I had to collect a lot of info, then read it and after that do something creative with it.
I got started and two weeks after I stopped. I thought it was going to be a short, necessary break due to tiredness. But since then I haven't been able to restart the project. I guess the timing is not quite right. I don't feel like doing all the extra work it needs, at least right now.
Has anything like this ever happened to you? How have you solved it (if you have)?
Comments and ideas are more than welcome
CU all


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elestebanta dijo...

Dear Enzo, you've a point here.
It's important for ourselfs to do something that makes as feel "renew"(re nuevo). I'm working on it to.
Love your blog budy.
See you any time..

Julian dijo...

Firsts things first: I had no idea you've got a blog, mate!

I read the beginning so far, later I'll catch up with the rest.

Sorry I can't give you any advice, having similar troubles sometimes myself. But our good friends in the land of Oz seem to have the answer: 2 days ago I found a sheet for VCE students (the Victoria final Certificate of Educ) that I considered a ridiculous message from the past/future (you know how tricky time can be)At least it's worth for a good laugh (just think of a desperate teenager reading this in a peach orchard among cows in the middle of nowhere)
"COME UP WITH A PLAN OF ACTION. Include how you will deal with your feelings, challenge your thinking, look after your health and meet your goals at the same time. Also come up with some ideas about how to prevent this situation" (this situation = having problems starting the project for VCE exam)

Amazing, ha? Who on earth can really do all that BEFORE getting things done (AND SIMULTANEOUSLY!)
Pink Floyd is playing on my mind.

Time to say good-bye for now!


Command Gonzalez dijo...

Learning from flowers
Why go on fighting

Reader Gerson Luiz tells the story of a rose that longed for the company of the bees, but none would come to her.

Even so, the flower was still capable of dreaming. When she felt all alone, she would imagi­ne a garden filled with bees that came to kiss her. And so she managed to resist until the next day, when she opened her petals again.

“Aren’t you tired?” someone must have asked her.

“No. I have to go on fighting,” answered the flower.


“Because if I don’t open up, I wither.”

Be like flower my friend!